The Story Of The Slumber Wolf Dog Bed

Slumber Wolf aims to produce a dog bed which is comfortable for the user and a beautiful piece of furniture. Many "luxury" dog beds are simply covered pieces of foam or miniaturised human sofas, factory made with synthetic materials. We only use the best quality wood, rope and wool crafted together to make a unique creation. Being entirely handcrafted means there is a low production volume ensuring quality is guaranteed and the beds maintain exclusivity.

Making The Dog Bed

The first step of creating a Slumber Wolf dog bed is to select the type of wood for the frame. Prime timber is individually chosen for attractive grain patterns and features.

The rough timber planks are planed straight and flat. It is dimensioned or cut to shape depending on the model and size. The pieces are then marked for the mortise and tenon joints. Comprised of a mortise hole and tenon tongue, it joins two pieces of wood without nails or screws and provides strength and durability. The joint is glued and can be pegged with a wooden dowel.

Cutting the mortise

Up to 20 mortise and tenon joints are used on a Slumber Wolf dog bed. Each is individually cut and fitted.

Cutting the tenon.

To fit the joint, the tenon is first cut with a saw and then micro adjusted using a router plane.

Sizing the tenon of the dog bed

Final sizing of the tenon

Fitting the tenon of the dog bed

Fitting the tenon

The frame is scraped and sanded to a superbly smooth finish.

To give the dog bed frame a beautiful lustre and bring out the grain a mineral oil and beeswax butter is applied. Similar to food-safe butchers block oil the beeswax butter is chemical free. 

The weave provides the base for the dog bed. The 5mm 3 strand rope used is Canadian made and 100 percent cotton. The natural properties of the cotton rope provides just the right balance between spring and support. The process of weaving, while time-consuming, produces a truly distinctive look.

Weaving the warp on the dog bed

Weaving the warp using a "flying shuttle"

Weaving the weft of the dog bed

Weaving the weft

Due to the thickness of the rope we cannot use the flying shuttle effectively to weave the weft so this needs to be done one row at a time pulling through an entire length of rope.

Finally a New Zealand sheepskin topper is fitted to the dog bed frame and weave. Held in place with hand crafted wooden toggles the topper is removable and washable. Wool helps regulate body temperature all year round and will not deteriorate like synthetics. 

The careful crafting at each stage of manufacturing, the quality of the natural materials used and the beautiful design make the Slumber Wolf Dog Bed the most luxurious dog bed in the world.